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    Hey Guys,

    Just a greeting to say how much I have enjoyed reading the stories and learning about Soviet Orders and Medals.

    I decided to join the forum and contribute/discuss when able.

    First question - Are the serial numbers on the orders and medals traceable?   I have a few that I collected in the early 90's, but none have documentation.  Would love to know the  history on them!

    Thank you!








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    Hello Ron!

    Welcome to the club! :beer:

    Yes, the numbers are traceable in most of the cases. You can find out the name and other information about the recepient. Sometimes the citations are quite facinating indeed! With some extra efford more information can be gathered about the soldier, his unit and the circumstances of his service. 

    I can help with tracing the hero's name and with the research on him and his unit. I will send you a PM. 

    I am a new colletor and focus primarily on the awards with provenance. Find it more important than just numismatic aspect, which often dominates. Will soon lay out the research on the a couple of Red Banner orders from my collection. 

    Kind regards/ Igor

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