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Order of White Lion Grand Cross HELP


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Dear Gentlemen!

I need an important help about the Order of White Lion

I have a claim case on Ebay. I sold a star and an empty case for the grand cross to the same buyer. The buyer said, he received the package, but there is only the empty box. It's unbelieveable to me! I'm packed well the star, and put it inside the case, under the black velvet. And packed well all together. So, I don't think the star is really missing. I think, the buyer just wants to abuse the "buyer protection" program, and wants to get back the price of the star.

I have the slip of the registered package there is the weight of package when I sent. Maybe I can evidence to Ebay the sending if I can see the weight of the box and star separately. Of course, at this moment I can't weighing them.

It would be very helpful, if somebody(or more) who have this medal in his collection could weighing the items.

So, please give me the weight of this type of empty box and the star separately!

I hope, somebody can help me!

Thank you!






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