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    Hi Chris

    The buckle on the left hand side is definitely a Bavarian army buckle as well. The motto In Treue Fest is visible, and this style of buckle was particular to the army. Bavarian police had a buckle with the crown within a thin striped ring. My thought is the buckle on the left was of the 1887 pattern (fits on a 5cm wide belt), whereas the buckle on the right is the 1895 pattern (fits on a 4.5 cm belt). The 1887 pattern buckle has a cut out at the fold-over sides to accommodate the large belt hook, and this seems to be visible here. The 1895 pattern buckles did not have this. That may appear at odds with the photograph's date, but possibly the influx of volunteers following the start of the war couldn't be completely equipped with up to date stuff and older pattern equipment still held in depots was issued.

    Just a spontaneous thought.

    Kind regards


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    typo correction
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    On 12/7/2016 at 14:30, Chris Boonzaier said:



    On this September 1914 Photo of Bavarian Leib Regt soldiers 2 wear the buckle on the left hand side? Is this a police buckle or maybe a pre war experiment?



    The one to the left may be a Rolldorn private purchase variant. Looks like that belt on the right was put on upside down. 

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