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    Polish Order of Virtuti Militari – What Time Period?

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    Polish Order of Virtuti Militari – What Time Period?
    Can anyone please help identify the time period of this Polish Order of Virtuti Militari?  I checked in Dr. Wesolowski’s book on Polish Orders, Medal Badges & Insignia but to no avail.




    Polish Virtuto Militari 1.jpg

    Polish Virtuto Militari 2.jpg

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    I am almost 100% certain that your V-M is a Panasuik Copy from the 60's - 70's   Panasuik made copies for collectors.  There are quite a few around.  However, Panasuik made very good copies, including their Regimental Badges.  The genuine article sell for upwards of $900.  I have 9 of them 4 sale, all pre 1939.  All are genuine, some are recipients "wearing" copies made by the same jewelers that were commissioned by the Polish government to make the originals.   This is a whole new topic in collecting that I can't go into here.   I will be listing items from time to time on this site. If you wish you can contact me at rmarc99@comcast.net




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