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    Nice booklet John! Its a DRA Leistungsbuch of Adolf Baumeister. Mister Baumeister was member of Turn und Sportverein "Jahn" in München. It says that mister Baumeister succeeded in reaching the sportive conditions for group 1 by swimming 300 meters in 7 minutes and 5 seconds, group 2 by far jumping a distance of 4 meters and 96 centimeters, group 3 by sprinting 100 meters in 13 seconds, group 4 by shot-putting a ball (with the stated specifications, not sure if its size or weight) for 8 meters and 74 centimeters and group 5 by running 10 kilometres in 46 minutes and 32 seconds. By doing all that, he received the bronze Leistungsabzeichen on November 24, 1925. Do you also have the award with it?

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    Hi John,

    this is an early and very well preserved document about the award of the "Deutsches Turn- und Sportabzeichen" in Bronze in 1920. The booklets from this time in my collection are in a considerably worse state.

    Group 4 is shot put (Kugelstoßen), weight of the shot is 14 1/2 Pfund = 7,25kg.

    The original signatures are from Paul Förster and Georg Hax.

    The document in the other thread is the cover letter for this booklet.


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