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    XMas came early this year!!


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    I have a friend who's a retired Gendarme, we often exchange items, find ribbons for each other etc...

    He sent me this for Christmas!  It is attributed, in original box and with award certificate! :D

    Please accept my apology for not showing the reverse or the certificate for now.  The award was one for valour and wounds received and the citation is so specific that even if I hid the name, very little effort would be required to trace down the recipient.  I want to make sure with my friend that it's actually OK to do so.  But still...  WOW! :speechless:

    Medaille de la Gendarmerie.jpg

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    6 hours ago, Megan said:

    Beautiful medal, thank you for sharing Frank.

    Thanks Megs, this is one I wasn't even looking for due to the difficulty in finding them.  I had resigned myself to the fact I wasn't going to get one ever...  Then voilà!  He seriously made my XMas card list for a loooong time! 

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