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President Reagen's Funeral

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I saw today that the former President will be lying in state , attended to by "The Old Guard".I thought that this was the name of Napoleon Bonaparte's senior Household Guard. Any one help?

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The "Old Guard" is the 3D Infantry Regiment of the United State's Army. Its lineage goes back to 3 June 1784 when it was constitued from companies from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania as the "first American Regiment." Its motto is, "Noli Me Tangere."

One of the regiment's battalions serves as the national capital's honor and ceremonial unit.

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The 3D Infanty is manly a ceremonial unit, composed of a Headquarters, Hotel, and several companies of men. They are part of the US Army Miltary District of Washington DC, station at fort Myers Virgina.

The Regiment does have a long combat record having participated in campaigns during the
War of 1812
Mexican War
Civil War
Indian Wars
War with Spain
Philippine Insurrection
World War II
and Vietnam

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Their nickname is "The Buffsticks" and relates to an item of their distinctive insignia. The is a patent leather strap worn around the right shoulder of the uniform blouse. Threaded through this strap is a flat strip of light colored leathered representing raw hide. This item is traced to the battle of Lundy's Lane during the War of 1812 when the regimental commander asked that his men thread a strip of raw hide through their knapsack straps so that they might be more easily identified during the battle.

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I have had the pleasure and privilige of being at an event - the re-dedication of the Stony Creek battlefield memorial in 2000 - with members of the 3rd. We re-interred three partial skeletons, 2 British & 1 US at the site, in Hamilton (Stony Creek), Ontario.

The guard were the pallbearers, dressed in impeccable Rev. War uniforms and performing their duties without audible commands. They also attend at Arlington National Cemetery, as mentioned, and guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier there. I believe it is a voluntary duty. A very impressive body of men!


PS: By complete coincidence, the chap who runs the pub in my town is ex-Old Guard.

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Sir, as you say, the "buff strap" is part of the distinctive unit insignia (DUI) of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment. It is worn, however, around the LEFT shoulder. Around the right shoulder of 3rd Infantry Regiment Soldiers is worn the Infantry blue cord, as worn by all qualified U.S. Infantrymen.

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An old post that has seen several revivals - and rightly so. I knew very little about them - these threads and Ed's links

have been very helpful. They are to be admired for their smartness and dedication to their Unit. Sometimes we tend to think

only the British Guards Division carry out important ceremonial duties. Mervyn

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