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    Kut El Amara Survivors Badge

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    I have discovered a photo of 18 survivors of prisoners of war from KUT EL AMARA of the 2nd Batt. Dorsetshire Regiment  amongst who is a Sgt Frank Castaldini  8695. also a certification from 2nd Battn. The Dorsetshire Regiment 1914 - 1919 stating that he served his King and Country etc. I received these from his widow about 60 years ago and with them also was a small lapel badge with a lion and turkish crescent on it in enamal. I saw a picture of Gen. Townshend with this badge saying it was presented to all survivors. it is the size of a 1p piece.  Could this be what Sgt Castaldini would have received ? and from whom? I can find no reference to this badge anywhere, any help please

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    It sounds like the sort of thing a regimental association, or perhaps a local patriotic group in Dorsetshire, might have produced.  I've never heard of it, but then I'm not a Dorsets collector/historian.  OYOH, there were hundreds of scrolls, plaques and various other things produced by communities all over the Empire to present to returning vets in recognition of their service.  This one, awarded in small numbers for a particularly noteworthy episode, may have been a more elaborate example of such.

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    A Photograph of General Townshend, and the badge/medal given to those who survived the siege. kut + towshend.jpg

    The small badge I have is a White Crescent not Blue but otherwise identical.

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