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    Hallmarks ID Thai Orders


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    Hi Caz,

    The first one (ประเสริฐศิลป์) is the medal manufacturer Prasatsin.

    The second one is a manufacturing date stamp ๐๘ (08) = 2508 (1965)

    The third one is .. (abbreviation for กองกระษาปณ์) = the Thai Mint, followed by the date stamp 33 overstamped with 34.  (33 = 2533 = 1990, 34 = 2534 = 1991)




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    Thailand uses Buddhist Era (BE), which is mostly 543 years later than the Christian/Common Era (AD).  Usually only the latter two digits of the dates are used for medal hallmarks, although I've seen a couple medals with the full four digits.

    For earlier medals mainly from Rama V era, the Rattanakosin Era (RE or RS) of three digits is sometimes used, with year 1 starting 1782.

    There is a short description here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_solar_calendar

    Thai numbers can also be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_numerals



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    GMIC Members and Distinguished Guests,  I am a new member and novice collector of Medals from Indochina. I find this blog and activity fascinating. I have read all applicable references and after many, many hours of research I am still stumped on the date and hallmark inscriptions on the reverse of this THAILAND ORDER OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT 3RD CL MEDAL. The imprint stamper may have taken some literary license in formatting the letters.

    I even tried the Google Translate Thai Handwritten format scores of times. What it said to me is not suitable for publication or decipherable. No, I have top of the shelf antispyware. I even submitted these pictures to transcription service (paying my own way) but they have not responded for over a month.

    Would appreciate receiving any assistance from your sources of knowledge.









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