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    Josef Dobmeier Bavarian Pioneer help required

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    Hi, just received this nice EK2 award doc to a Pioneer in the Bavarian 5th Res Pioneer Company, 

    Josef Dobmeier.  



    What makes it a bit more special is he was a recipient of the Bavarian Silver Bravery Medal.



    I get the general gist of the citation but I would really appreciate it if someone could please provide a full translation.






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    Hello Pete,
    he also got the bavarian servicemedal for 9 years and the woundbadge black.

    His las rank was Feldwebel
    He died on the 15. Dec. 1943.
    My english is to bad, to give you a correct translation.
    He rescues three infantrymen, which were spilled in a mine funnel (Minentrichter)
    During the rescue, only with spades, they were attackd by enemy artillery.
    At any time, a hostile counter-attack had to be expected.

    cheers Andreas

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