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    Hi Chris!

    That´s hard to say...

    The MG-Ss-Abt. were under command of the OHL and were detached to the different divisions, corps or armies.

    The MG-Ss-Abt.24 was the only MG-Ss-Abt, that was attached directliy  the Alpencorps from 12.2.18-23.9.18

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    6 hours ago, The Prussian said:

    Yes. But did they wear the Sniperbadge???

    Good question.... many people say only MGSSA members did, but I have a couple of Photos somewhere of the Machine Gun Company in a bavarian Reserve Inf Regt and many of the guys are wearing the badge.

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    It is possible. I often wonder if what we usually accept as the purpose of the badge (Members of a MGSSA) was not ignored by certain units and men in some Regiments wore them as long as they had qualified as a machine gunner in one of the machine gun schools (Hammelburg, Beverloo etc) as opposed to unqualified guys carrying ammunition etc..

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    Sometimes the stamp on the postcard could help.

    The MG-Scharfschützen-Trupps 1-200 were formed since january 1916. Non-prussia were:

    bavarian: 41-446, 87-90, 135-138, 187-193

    saxon: 91, 92, 139, 140, 194-197

    württ.: 93, 94, 141, 142, 198-200

    These Trupps formed since september 1916 the MG-Ss-Abteilungen (3 Trupps = 1 Abteilung)

    1-49, 50-52 (saxon), 53-54 (württ.), 55-75, 76 (saxon), 77 (württ.), 78-79, bavarian 1-4

    Since february 1916 the Trupps wore the infantry uniform with shoulderstraps with their Trupp-number and a Troddel of a 1st company.

    Since august 1916 they had their Abteilungs-number and Troddeln of 1.-3. company

    Also, NCOs and enlisted men recieved the MG-Ss-badge. This badge might have been worn only during the war. Officers recieved the badge since august 1917.

    The Geb.MG-Abt. were formed in may 1915 (201-210 for the Alpenkorps), since august 1915 N° 211-255, since november 1918 N° 260-264. Those last Abteilungen were built from other Abteilungen. (3 old Abt. = 1 new Abt.).

    Here I´ve got an interesting photo with an MG-Ss-badge.

    Because of the tunic it could be a post-war photo. Until now I couldn´t explain the shoulder strap. A crown with a gothic L.

    These shoulder straps were worn by Inf.Rgt.47 and bav.Inf.Rgt.10. But only officers had metal letters. The Litzen seem to be early Reichswehr. Probably it´s a Freikors unit.

    Any ideas???

    unbekannt (Schulterklappe L, MG-Ss-Abz.).JPG

    Edited by The Prussian
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