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    Interesting Info OGIII

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    Not sure if anyone will find this interesting or not, but thought I would share some info about the OG III which I find interesting

    total OG III issued to fronts, units etc for awarding as 31.12.1945 - 503.240

    highest number produced as 31.12.1945 - 530.200

    last 3 OG III issued on  31.12.1945 - 517.643, 517.644, 82.234

    total number of OG III issued / awarded as 31.12.1945 - 499.412

    balance of OG III  not awarded / issued as 31.12.1945 - 3,828



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    Hej, thanks for the info!

    This one, if not a misspelling, is quite peculiar! :) "last 3 OG III issued on  31.12.1945 - 517.643, 517.644, 82.234"

    One more argument, that relating to serial numbers for finding period of issue has to be taken with a grain of salt.

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    There's an important difference between awarding and issuing - the first is the administrative act of bestowing a decoration (by prikaz or ukaz), the second is the physical bestowal upon the recipient. So your fifth statistic isn't quite clear to me, since this can't be one number.

    And regarding your third statistic: tens of thousands of Glories were awarded and issued after 31.12.1945...

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    Hello all


    yes I fully understand all the points

    the information I have listed comes from the the official record book of OG III issues up to 31.12.1945. This book shows to what front, army, region, district each OG III was issued to for awarding form number 01 to 530.200, the file contains 67 pages

    In regards to reference in point 5 of all the OG III issued up to 31.12.1945 the 3,828 this is the balance of awards not actually awarded and carried over to the second volume record book starting 01.01.1946 to which almost another 500k would be added


    I have attached a page from the official book (scan copy of course)






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