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    Yes its an officer or senior NCO sword knot and wurttembergian . WW1 era . the type was common to all officers and beamte .regardless of the regiment . the prussian sword knots were almost identical but with the bottom in black and the leather strap black with silver lace lines . the bavarians were different , the strap was of silver brocade and the form of the knot or gland nearly oval . 

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    Chip, Bayern,

    Thanks for your contribute.

    Here is the belt and the sword know of Heaton-Armstrong, who were gifted to the National Museum of Tirana from his daughter. As you know he was a Price Wied officer. You can see that his sword knot has black and red colors. So, do you think the Heaton-Armstrong used an Wurttembergian sword knot, or was it made red and black specifically for Albania?



    Rrip 20121130_100116.jpg

    Shpata 6.jpg

    Shpata 47.jpg

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    I don't see any silver threads in the knot on the Albanian sword and the knot looks more golden than silver colored (but that could be the lighting?).


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