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    Luftwaffe General Iron Cross please ID + airforce General what country

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    Good morning Gentlemen,

    after having posted this photo in a German forum to no avail,

    maybe here are forists who can help identifying these two generals having some soup. One is clearly from the Luftwaffe the other must be a German ally, but of what country and airforce? No other information available on this photo, I am afraid. Thank´s for your help.




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    Hi, this is a very neat picture GreyC, as for the General to the right of the LW General, he is Hungarian, they have a uniquely shaped set of collar tabs upon reaching the rank of general, the pocket of the Hungarian uniform is a bit inspired by the Uniforms of the Reichsheer as well. 

    I vaguely recognize the German LW General too. Can't put a name to a face, but I'd recognize his sad face anywhere. 

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    Hello there,

    spot on, Lado! Thank you very much for your help. If I am correct we see him here as Generalmajor. The picture, therefore, must have been taken after August 1942 and before the middle of January 1944 when he was promoted to Generalmajor. So, chances are that we see him here either as " Fliegerführer Afrika" or as "Kommandierender General Fliegerkorps Tunis". After the defeat in Africa he was "Kommandierender General" of VIII. Fliegerkorps in Russia, in which position he was promoted to Generalleutnant.

    So probably the photo was taken in Russia, as I don´t think that Hungarian generals were active in Africa?



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