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  1. This Viceadmiral was identified as Admiral Werner Fuschs but for me the ribbon bar doesn't fit. I went through Biblios books of Deutschlands Admirale 1849-1945 and my findings are that this also could be: - Admiral Hermann Densch - Admiral Willy Nordeck - Viceadmiral Otto Feige - Viceadmiral Siegfried Massmann - Viceadmiral Robert Withoeft-Emden but I don't have any good pics to compare with. Cheers, Lado
  2. On the left foto is SS-Gruppenführer August Edler von MEYSZNER. Guy on the left do show some resemblance to Dr. Enno Lolling but he wears Spanish cross that on fotos I have of Lolling he does not. Beside that Dr. Enno lolling was born in 1888 and the guy on rigth foto looks younger. I don't have a foto of Laszlo Deak von Szentimre to compare but I belive he did not participate in Spanish war on German side (to earn Spanish cross). Cheers, LAdo
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