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    Please Help To identify Medal


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    It's from Sudan. The obverse features the Sudanese coat of arms


    and the word Duty ("الواجب" 'el wajib"). The reverse says the Democratic Republic of Sudan ("جمهورية السودان الديمقراطية" 'Jumhuriyat el Sudan el Dimoqratiya').

    It would appear to be the Medal of Duty, as shown here with ribbon: 





    Picture of medal from http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/sudan/awards.htm

    Coat of arms from http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/sd).html

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    Nick, The is a commemorative medallion marking in 1978 the 10th Anniversary of the 1968 Ba'ath Revolution which brought the Ba'ath party to power and ultimately to the rule of Saddam Hussein. The case bears the inscription "Central Bank of Iraq". It is not an order or medal to be worn. No uniform (wearable) medal was issued to mark this anniversary. Kind regards, Owain

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