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    Finnish 1918 medal bar.

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    Here's something I picked up a few months ago to add to my collection of 1918 items.

    An attributed junior officers medal bar with a Cross of Liberty 4.class, Commemorative medal of the Liberation war 1918 with a combat clasp "Tampere" and the Tampere Cross 1918. It's quite hard in my opinion to find these medal bars that consist only on 1918 awards. Nothing special in awards, just a nice bar in my opinion.



    I encourage other forum members to "show off" their Finnish 1918 bars (can be German bars with Finnish awards as well).

    11.04.2017 VR4 ripa 1918.ready.png

    11.04.2017 VR4 ripa 1918 (2).jpg

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    Hi Dansson,

    good idea to revive Finnish topics :thumbup:

    Not easy to find bars with only 1918 decorations. Most what I have, contain medals of 1918 and Winter/Continuation War. But here is something interesting (I hope:) ) Liberation War medal in this 7-pieces medal bar is absent, but we can see here a Heimosotaristi (Cross of the Wars for Kinder Nations) 1918-1922 and Estonian War of Indepedence Medal.

    Intersting is here the Lotta Svärd Medal of Merit. Could belong this bar to a woman? (sorry, no documents accompanied).

    The Air Force Cross has ILMATORJUNTA clasp (Anti-Aircraft Defence)




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    It's possibly it could have belonged to a nurse/Lotta Svärd member. Especially women were put into the service of air-observation from the ground so the "Ilmatorjunta" (Anti-aircraft) clasp on the one cross would make sense with the rest of the combination that it's a lady who was the owner of that bar.

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