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  1. Generalmajor Alfred Toppe Born: 28.04.1904 Died: 1971 Highest rank reached: Generalmajor Quartiermeister II. Armeekorps Oberquartiermeister in Frankreich Generalquartiermeisters Heeresgruppe Nord Chef des Generalstabes Generalkommando X. Armeekorps Generalquartiermeister des Heeres DKiS: 17.12.1943 Image: KVK1 citation, handwritten signature as Generalquartiermeister
  2. A late signature on KVK2 citation form 20.4.1945, together with facsimile of Göring
  3. Yes, there were two different Werner crosses, one with We on the small loop, another one with We on the big ring. The Werner crosses have also different cores. Both are descirbed in the book by Fran Wernitz, as T155 and T156. Many EK manuctarures have used different cores and different markings, too. regards Tomasz
  4. EK2 citattion from 30.3.1943, hand signature as Kommandeur der 320 Infanterie Division
  5. General der Infanterie Hermann Recknagel Born: 18.7.1892 Died: 23.1.1945 (KIA) Highest rank reached: General der Infanterie Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 54 Führer 111. Infanterie-Division Kommandierender General XXXXII. Armeekorps RK: 5.8.1940 Eichenlaub: 6.11.1943 Schwerter: 23.10.1944 Image: Hand signature on EK2 citation from 25.9.1944 as Kommandierender General XXXXII. Armeekorps
  6. Generalleutnant Curt Siewert Born: 4.5.1899 Died: 13.6.1983 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant 1. Adjutant von Generaloberst Walter von Brauchitsch Chef des Generalstabes Generalkommando XXXVIII. Armeekorps Führer 58. Infanterie-Division Kommandeur 58. Infanterie-Division RK: 29.2.1944 DKiG: 1.5.1943 Image: Hand signature on EK2 citation of 18.8.1944 as Kommandeur 58. Infanterie-Division
  7. Generalmajor Alfons Hitter Born: 4.6.1892 Died: 11.3.1968 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Kommandeur Artillerie-Regiment z.b.V. 613 Kommandeur Artillerie-Regiment 178 Artillerie-Kommandeur 112 Führer 206. Infanterie-Division Kommandeur 206. Infanterie-Division RK: 14.12.1941 Eichenlaub: 4.6.1944 DKiG: 15.12.1943 Image: EK2 citation of 18.12.1942 as Kommandeur 206. Infanterie-Division
  8. Generalmajor Walter Wessel Born: 21.9.1982 Died: 20.7.1943 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 15 Kommandeur 12. Panzer-Division Member of Stab des Inspekteurs der Panzertruppen im OKH RK: 15.8.1940 Eichenlaub: 17.2.1942 Image: Hand singanture on EK2 citation of 14.1.1943 as Kommandeur 12. Panzer-Division
  9. Generalmajor Heinrich Götz Born: 1.1.1896 Died: 13.5.1977 Highest rank reached: Generalleutnant Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 466 Führer 83. Infanterie-Division Kommandeur 21. Infanterie-Division Führer RAD-Division "Scharnhorst" RK: 3.5.1942 Eichenlaub: 5.3.1945 Image: KVK2 citation of 1.9.1944 as Kommandeur 21. Infanterie-Division
  10. Hand signature as General der Artillerie und Kommandierender XXV. A.K.
  11. Hi, I would tend to We mark for the manufacturer J. H. Werner, Berlin. regards Tomasz
  12. Generaloberst Otto Dessloch (Deßloch) Born: 11.6.1889 Died: 13.5.1977 Highest rank reached: Generaloberst Kommodore Kampfgeschwader 155 Kommodore Kampfgeschwader 55 Kommandeur 6. Flieger-Division Kommandierender General II. Flak-Korps Kommandierender General I. Flak-Korps Befehlshaber Luftwaffenkommandos Kaukasus Führer Luftflotte 4 Oberbefehlshaber Luftflotte 3 Oberbefehlshaber Luftflotte 4 Oberbefehlshaber Luftflotte 6 RK: 24.6.1940 Eichenlaub: 10.5.1944 Image: EK1 citation of 28.8.1944, hand signature as Oberbefehlshaber Luftflotte 3
  13. Generalleutnant Günther Korten Born: 26.7.1898 Died: 22.7.1944 (was one of the victims of the assassination on Hitler on July 20, 1944, died of wounds two days later) Highest rank reached: Generaloberst Chef des Generalstabes II. Fliegerkorps Chef des Generalstabes Luftflotte 3 Chef des Generalstabes Luftflotte 4 Befehlshaber Luftwaffenkommando Don Kommandierender General I. Fliegerkorps Befehlshaber Luftflotte 1 Chef des Generalstabes der Luftwaffe RK: 3.5.1941 DKiG: 1.2.1943 Image: EK1 citation of 25.9.1942, hand signature as Kommandierender General und Befehlshaber der Luftwaffenkommando Don
  14. Oberstleutnant Gustav Damm Born: 15.11.1890 Died: ? Highest rank reached: Oberst Kommandeur Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 8 Kommandeur Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 500 Kommandeur Kampfgeschwader z.b.V. "N" Kommandeur Transportgeschwader 5 DKiG: 11.5.1942 Image: Award document to Frontflug-Spange für Transportflieger in Gold from 23.2.1943
  15. Hi All does anybody know a forum, which is specialized in Autro-Hungarian Imperial militaria or decroations? Could be also German spoken. I have found the website of ÖGO http://www.ordenskunde.at/ but there is no discussion forum ... reagrds Tomasz
  16. ... and the last one, which I have: Iron Cross 1st Class citation, issued 21.5.1943 nad signed by Generalfeldmarschall Albert Kesserling
  17. Award certificate to Frintflug-Spange für Transportflieger, form for Bronze grade, typewritten changed to Gold. Issued on 23. Febr. 1943, signed by Oberstleutnant Gustav Damm Iron Cross 2nd Class citation, issued 12.5.1940, signed by Oberstleutnant Fritz Morzik.
  18. Citation to Long Service Medal 4th Class, issued 1.4.1937, signed by Oberst Mayer to be continued
  19. ... and next one: Bestallung from Feldwebel to Oberfeldwebel, (mit Wirkung) valid from 1. Juli 1941. Signed by Oberstleutnant Otto-Lutz Förster To be continued
  20. Hi again here is the Verleihungsurkunde to your badge. Issued laready in Spetmeber 1937. I am not sure, who signed this document. Next: Bestallung (promotion) from Unteroffizier to Feldwebel. Hand signed by Oberstleutnant Karl Drewes
  21. Yes, I have read also your post on WAF. For sure I can help, will answer you soon in your main thread. regards Tomasz
  22. Generalleutnant Hans Schlemmer Born: 18.01.1893 Died: 26.03.1973 Highest rank reached: General der Gebirgstruppe Kommandeur Artillerie-Regiment 7 Artillerie-Kommandeur 148 Führer 134. Infanterie-Division Kommandeur 134. Infanterie-Division Führer VIII. Armeekorps Führer LXXV. Armeekorps Kommandierender General LXXV. Armeekorps Eisernes Kreuz (1914) II. und I. Klasse Verwundetenabzeichen (1918) in Schwarz Bayerischer Militärverdienstorden IV. Klasse mit Schwertern und mit Krone Spange zum Eisernen Kreuz II. und I. Klasse Deutsches Kreuz in Gold 23.01.1942 Ritterkreuz 21.04.1942 Eichenlaub zum RK 18.01.1944 (369. Verleihung) Image: EK2 citation from 29.07.1943 as Kommandeur 134. Infanterie-Division
  23. Hi, not so common postwar awarding. Due to date, possibly for action in Silesia. Here another example, using old imperial form. regards Tomasz
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