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    Would you show it, please?

    The regiment came to the Somme sept. 25, 1916 (Frémicourt until october 2)

    October 3, Adolf got light wounded by an artillery attack on an underground way. He recieved just a few scratches.

    October 5 he got wounded near La Barque

    Here you see the regimental staff (small "flag") in La Barque (taken from the regimental history):

    Screenshot (98).jpg

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    The pass is quite interesting, he first saw frontline duty in (Bayr) R.I.R.16 from mid 1915 onwards until he got in mid 1917 a transfer to I.R.2 after recovering from his wounds he sustained at the Somme.

    He was wounded 17.7.1916 at Fromelles.

    After recovery he was sent to the Somme and was wounded 12.10.1916 at La Barque (7 days after Adolf Hitler was wounded).


    Recipient of the E.K.2.

    Reason I post first the picture of his transfers is that it was not obvious on the sales description neither the stamps he served in RIR 16 the majority of his war, but is clearly visible in his transfers and wounds as well in his combat chronicle from RIR 16.

    The entries seem to be mainly from the time he was in I.R.2. by the looks of the dates when the entries have been written.



    RIR 16 Militärpass.7.jpg

    RIR 16 Militärpass.11.jpg

    RIR 16 Militärpass.9.jpg

    RIR 16 Militärpass.jpg

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    And another one...

    The front shows a fallen soldier with the words:

    His last journey. Dedicated to the bavarian Res.Inf.Rgt. Nr.16 "List" from H.R. Reder and C. Raundorf, Munich

    The reverse:

    List-Regiment-celebration-evening, November 28, 1915.

    Unfortunately, the regimental history doesn´t mention that event.



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