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    Title & Orders Mother Heroine

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    Order Book (#055161) for the Title & Order Mother Heroine (#51385) issued to Adezle Karlovna Raamat on December 28th, 1956.



    Order Book (#118599) issued to Mamlakat Yuldasheva dated September 6th, 1968 for the Title & Order Mother Heroine (#109704) August 23rd, 1968.



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    You're welcome, Nick, and thank you for your kind observation.

    Order Book (#002488) dated February 5th, 1946 for the Title & Order Mother Heroine (#2787) issued to Marii Gavrilovna Chepurnaya, hand signed by Chairman of the Presidium Kalinin and Secretary Gorkin.


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    4 hours ago, buellmeister said:

    I see why these can become addictive.  Very nice collection of interesting items.  



    It is not easy to addict to collecting these items,I think.E.g.I myself have never seen this award with the certificate at the auctions,or flea markets,either at the meetings of collectors in Slovakia.Of course,it is a big prestige to have all soviet orders or honour titles with certificates.By the way,what is the price for this award with the certificate-500$?

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    Thank you, Joel & Nick, the sets displayed are incomplete, missing the large certificate and boxes for the award and documents.  As I have heard it said, if I have to ask how much it costs, I can't afford it, or words to that effect.

    Here is the documents set without the Order to Eve Iosifovna Gaychene/Gaychenya

    Large Certificate for the Title of Mother Heroine dated July 19th, 1979




    Order Book (#A297220) for the Title & Order of Mother Heroine (#295706) dated July 19th, 1979



    Edited by Bill Garvy
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