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    Thought I'd share my small flock of Godet Zepps, and encourage any others to come out of their roosts...






    Fullsize, converted from screwback to pinback.





    Prinzens--one of each. 






    The Army has cut-out gondolas.





    Even the mini has amazing detail, right down to the longitudinal ribbing on the airship. 



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    Thank you, Alex.

    Didn't you find a Godet a few years ago?  I know there is at least one more out there in GMIC land...

    Alex, I was also wondering--how many Godet Zeppelins do you think have survived?  I hear 30 to 40 fullsize + Prinzen.  Do you think that number is too high or too low?



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    Hi John,

    no one can say how many badges Godet sold. All numbers you heard are estimations.

    I know 3 badges in different museums. another 5-6 in collections and 2 on market over the last 10 years

    It seems that Godet badges were not very popular at that time.

    Kind regards Alex

    You mean this badge?



    MaLA - Godet (rs).jpg

    MaLA - Godet (vs).jpg

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    Wow...I think in your travels and knowledge, Alex,  you probably have the best tally of how many are out there.  So few!

    Very nice badge...I love the patina...was it mounted on something?


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    • 5 weeks later...


    Alex, for interest I added up all the identified GODETs in the two books (Baldes and Pandis) that came out, and the few other badges I know about.  There are a few more GODET Zeppelins out there flying about than I thought...16 fullsize + Prinzen.   What was that 3rd badge you say is in a Museum?  Thanks.




    10 x GODET  Navy Zeppelin fullsize badges: 


    1. “LZ-103” engraved on nose; sold Wallis & Wallis; Pandis p. 261

    2.  marked GODET-WERNER BERLIN 938; sold Carsten Zeige; Pandis 263

    3.  “935” on pin; coll. German family; Pandis 263

    4.  Museum Friedrichshafen; Pandis 264

    5.  “JGuS” on pin; Baldes 594

    6.  Screwback; German family; Baldes 595

    7.  “Hans Masius” screwback; Baldes 596

    8.  Screwback converted to pin; John Bell; Baldes 597

    9.  Cliche; German family; Pandis 272

    10.  Fergus Gillett



    1 x GODET Army Zeppelin fullsize badge 


    1.  “Arthur Wurbs” cliche; sold Kai Winkler; Baldes 575, Pandis 272



    4 x GODET Navy Zeppelin Prinzen badges


    1.  John Bell; Pandis 265

    2.  marked “20643”; Aeronauticum Nordholz; Baldes 609, Pandis 268

    3.  “Walther Fischer”; Georg Bewersdorf; Baldes 608, Pandis 270

    4.  “Wolff-Vorbeck”; Georg Bewersdorf; Baldes 607, Pandis 271



    1 x GODET Army Zeppelin Prinzen badge


    1.  “Hermann Rotzoll”; John Bell; Pandis 268





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