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    Fragebogen fur judische Auswanderer. 7/10/38.

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    Hi Gents

    im hoping to add the signature below to the all eras signature database.... but I need a name for that to happen.

    i would never put money on this being possible but if it can be done by anyone.... it's the GMIC who can....

    this is personal- this paperwork was issued to my Grandmother and enabled my Dad and his family to leave Vienna for Kenya.

    there is not much to go on but no harm trying.... I'd appreciate thoughts either way if possible.





    thank you Gents


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    The problem that I see is that the last signature is not military, so no rank lists will help. He belonged to the Jewish Cultural community in Vienna, maybe coming to a horrible end in the following years. It is interesting that Jews were excluded from military service "In peacetime" ......

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    Hi Chris

    thanks for looking. 

    I didn't realise it was 'civilian' issue so to speak.  That settles that for me, thanks.

    with regards to the fate of the man.... the family members and friends left waving off my family at the train station were never seen again.

    So. As you say, the chances are , the man who signed this probably faired no better....


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    • 2 weeks later...

    Hi Gents

    your help if you can please...

    my intention is to contribute to this forum before I ask to withdraw from it...

    But.... please I would appreciate some early help.


    posting this form has re-lit family conversation. My Sister has just told me that, my Nana, Anna Farkas, told her that, our families Vienna residence was 'taken over' by the nazis. My mum says 'Never heard that - wrong'. But I can see an address on this form that includes "polezei".

    could anyone please translate the question and answer for us?




    thanks for looking Gents


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