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    What do you think of this Leiberring ?????????

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    I was pretty excited to see a Leiberring on Ebay again.

    I must say... I do not need another one. I have one of each and don't want to run after another. added to that, I think the price is double what it should be for an "other ranks" one....

    There was indeed a Richard Schwarz who got one.... but here are some issues I have with the group....

    - I cannot be sure, but it looks a tiny bit thicker than those I have seen to date... but that may just be the photo

    - It is a bit strange that it is not numbered? I cannot say 100% that some unnumbered ones were not issued, but it does worry me a little

    - The photo album really worries me.... it looks like the name "Richard Schwarz" was added... the white writing with his name seems different to the other entries. Added to that is the Ausmarch Photo from mid 1915.... the Leib Regiment Richard Schwarz had his Ausmarch in August 1914... and the Divisionsstab Photo shows a Division that had nothing to do with the Leibregiment.

    Another point, this is his great grandfathers goodies that just happened to have been found in a drawer recently.... I would have little trouble believing that if the guy was not a buyer and seller of Militaria.... how many collectors do you know who do not know exactly where all the family militaria is.

    I may be wrong on all those points (although I doubt I am wrong with the album...)... but even if I really needed one I would be unsure of this...


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    Hi Chris!

    Did you check the names? Richard Schwarz (7th comp.) recieved the ring April 4, 1918 with number 512.

    The seller is open for discussions, as he wrote...

    Generalleutnant v. Rösch was commander of bav. 10th.Inf.Div. (14.3.15-25.4.16)

    Generalmajor Ritter v. Rauchenberger (commander bav. 1.Inf.Brig,. 22.9.14-15.4.15. The brigade changed its name into 20th Inf.Brig. , he was commander from 9.3.15-3.8.15)

    The 20th Inf.brig. belonged to the 10.Inf.Div.

    So this photo was taken between march/april 1915 and august 1915)

    In this time the ILR belonged to 1st. bav. Inf.Brig. (until 20.5.15 1st. bav. Inf.Div., then Alpenkorps)

    Richard was injured in 1916 (7./LIR):


    So maybe he served in an unit of the 10th. bav.Inf.Div. in 1915, then came to LIR OR the ring has nothing in common with the photo...

    Look at the photo "Ausmarsch Juni 1915". I can´t recognize Gardelitzen, so in that time he wouldn´t have served with LIR!


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    The Richard Schwarz with the ring was in the ILR from August 1914... so the 10th Reserve Division with v. Rösch can not be correct... added to that, the Ausmarch photo is totally wrong for a guy who had been fighting from August 1914.

    I think his name was simply added to the album. Check out the difference between his name in the album and the other writing in white.

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    • 1 month later...

    I must scale back a bit here... although I did not buy THIS lot, I was in contact with the seller recently. His family was a mish-mash of previous Leiber (including a number of Ring recipients) and he had a bunch of stuff that he really had no idea of what belonged to whom.

    I ended up buying a small group on ebay that had the ring from one great grandfather, (Checked against my other ring, so i bought the piece not the story) and a map case with a faded name from another great grandfather which I managed to make readable (Ring and gold Bravery medal winner)

    I used Dons advice "Buy the piece, nit the story" and then having established the pieces were good, was more or less able to figure out the stories fitted as well.

    So I am happy :-)

    Almost wish I had bought the first lot, although the price was not realistic and I still dont know why there is no number on the ring.

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