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    Help with identification please - French sabre

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    Hello and regards;

    I'd be grateful for help with any additional information on this French (?) saber to identify the period or any details or ''direction'' to information. I've spent ''some'' time browsing ''few'' days on the internet with no positive match, so the conclusion might be ''rare'' or ''common enough'' not to be referenced anywhere.

    It hasn't  got any markings; wooden grip; blade length 31.5 inches; white metal cast; flat pommel cap, flat square D-guard

    Appreciate questions and answers.




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    Thanks Stuka f for pointing out the wrong section - from the selection of states (unless this is not what you are referring to) it seemed this to be the most relevant/closest region.

    The overall ''design'' of pommel and guard - from what I've tried to find out myself - it appeared (again) the closest to French type of weapon, but as I'd like to pinpoint the most accurate origin, I'm open to listening to any suggestions and correction in my deduction.



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