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    Are you sure about the rank? In April 1873, Eduard Pfretzschner was a Rittmeister in the 4. Chevaulegers-Regiment. He was promoted to Major on 1 May 1873. He was retired sometime around 1875/76 and given the Charakter as Oberstlieutenant a.D. on 24 March 1885. He died on 7 March 1890 in München.

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    This is the officer:


    Are the epauletten indicating as a Rittmeister perhaps? Maybe I´m wrong... It was Oberstleutnant and not Oberst...Don´t even remember where I found his last patent as an Oberst



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    The orders fit perfectly for the then Rittmeister Eduard Pfretzschner of 1. Uhlanen-Regiment. The epaulettes worn by the Bavarian army prior to 1873 did not distinguish rank. The rank is shown by the three strips of braid on the collar = Hauptmann/Rittmeister. The portrait was taken sometime after his May 1872 authorisation to wear his Russian Vladimir Order 4th Class and the introduction of the Prussian pattern rank insignia the following April (effective 1 August 1873).



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