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    Awards of Konteradmirals needed

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    Hello. I want to start this topic because I am researching Kriegsmarine Konteradmirals and I require their Awards. I do not own any of the Ranglists that list the Awards (Kaiserliche Marine and Reichsmarine Ranglists) and I really need help from those forum members that do have the Ranglists. 

    I will post the Konteradmiral whose Awards I need on this topic almost every day and I hope someone will be able to help me. 

    I will also post the photo of the Konteradmiral if his ribbon/medal bar is visible and someone might be able to ID some additional Awards that are not listed in the Ranglists.

    To start off, I need the Awards of Konteradmiral Ernst Hintzmann.

    Below are photos with his ribbon bar visible.

    These are the Awards I managed to find:

    -Iron Cross (1914) 1st Class

    -Iron Cross (1914) 2nd Class

    -Knight's Cross of the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern with Swords

    -Prussian Order of the Red Eagle 4th Class

    -Mecklenburg Military Merit Cross 2nd Class

    -The Honour Cross of the World War 1914/1918

    -Medal "For Valour in the World War 1914-1918" (Commemorative Medal of the Union of German Naval Veterans Associations) *Note: this one isn't confirmed, but as he was the Chairman of the Union of German Naval Veterans Associations I think he could have been awarded this medal.

    Hintzmann, Ernst - Konteradmiral.jpg



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