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    Hello Chris!

    In boith links you a have a look inside to the index  ("Blick ins Buch")

    The first one is a summary of the history of the Alpenkorps, the second one has more biographies and reports of soldiers.

    I stil don´t have the second one, but it´s ordered!

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    Hi Chris,

    as I mentioned to you an FB before and as Andreas wrotes, the new book is more about biographies and small stories about the first combat mission of the Alpenkorps in the Dolomite mountains. It also contains more then 300 unpublished photos, which I bet you never saw anywere else before.

    The book contains 320 pages and costs 24,90€.

    Have a look here for a 30 page review!



    Kind regards


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    I have mine :-)


    Very nice indeed. If you need a book "Alpenkorps history a-z" it is not the right one, but if you already have a basic knowledge... this book is GREAT.... I can recommend it to anyone... and if you cannot speak German, it is worth it at the price just for the pics!

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