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    Interesting!  I'd say, judging from the size, that it is a piece of whatever the WWII equivalent of 'trench art' was.  The cloth looks a bit coarse for a handkerchief and the stitching is exactly the sort of thing I, or some clumsy trooper, might do in a quiet moment.  Very probably genuine, I'd say, as it would be such an odd thing to fake, unless it came with a great story and a big price tag.

    Here's an example of the 7th Armoured's shoulder sign, a slightly more complex version than this - hand painted, obviously - example.


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    Hi Gents

    I've just been googling and sadly saw this....


    the description says "old reproduction - possibly stage prop..."

    i still like it but...

    To me, if this is another one it would seem odd - unless you have bought one of a pair from the same person....?

    hope this helps


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    Thank you for your information very kind of you, it doesn't have a great story and no great krice as it was just in an old box of items.


    Well it can go back in the box no loss my thanks for all your time and effort given.


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