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    Please Help with Information On Unit Marked Artillery Luger

    Ed Watson

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    I have a 1917 DWM Artillery luger with Unit Markings at the rear above the lanyard which reads " M.W.A.J.R.186 Nr 17"  translated to  Minenwerfer Abteilung of Infantry Regiment 186, weapon number 17.  I am in search of any information containing this unit and their battle record or engagements in WW1.  I information I have found so far leads me to believe the MWAs may have been a component of the assault troop formation providing rapid, close support to an advancing assault formation.   But that is all I have found.   Any relative information would be appreciated

    IMG_0220 (640x363).jpg

    IMG_0225 (640x557).jpg

    IMG_0228 (640x429).jpg

    IMG_0230 (591x640).jpg

    IMG_0231 (640x398).jpg

    IMG_0237 (368x640).jpg

    IMG_0238 (640x559).jpg

    IMG_0240 (2) (444x640).jpg

    IMG_0244 (457x640).jpg

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    Thank you Bayern for this information. Given that the Minenwerfer Company was formed when you indicated,   I was hoping to learn more about this unit's brief history, and any record of IR 186 with  enemy engagements before the end of the war.  Is there any further information you can give me about this unit?   (photos, or location of IR 186 at that time period)


    Ed Watson

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    Welcome to the GMIC, Ed.  I was going to suggest that you might have posted this in the 'German Imperial' section for uniforms and equipment, but clearly some other members look at posts in multiple areas!  I 'm glad Bayern was able to help.

    Lovely piece of kit, BTW. :)

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    Hello Ed,  Nice rig.  Got your message.  I would suggest checking to see if IR 186 published a regimental history.  Some regiments did, some did not.  If they did and you can read German, you might find some information about the MWA assigned to them.  Sometimes there will be a description of the action in which the MWA was employed.   There may be members who have copies of that regimental history or they can tell you where you can get a copy.  Good luck. 

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