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    Oberleutnant von Könemann 1 GDR

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    In the ranklist 70/71 is a v. Kunheim with EK II:

    Sec.Lt.  v. Kunheim in Garde-Train-Bataillon.

    Note the the rank "Oberleutnant" came-up not before 1899. Before it was called Seconde-Lieutenant for Leutnant and Premier-Lieutetant for Oberleutnant.

    So the script must have been written after 1899/1900

    The ranklist 1869 shows two v. Kunheim (1x Sec.Lt, 1x Pr.Lt.) in Cavalry of 7.Ostpreuß. Landwehr-Rgt.Nr.44.

    Thet means, Sc.Lt. Kunheim was in the Landwehr before the war and had been activated for the war, probably in 1870.

    But I´m not sure, that he is the man in the photo, but he is our only hint...



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    Yes, it make sense.

    just tell me, the same von Kunheim in 1.Garde-Drag.Rgt in the list of 70/71 EK owners, could be one of the two Kunheim listed in the ranklist 1869,  in Cavalry of 7.Ostpreuß. Landwehr-Rgt.Nr.44. At the start of the war, he was activated and transferred to the 1.Garde-Drag.Rgt, until the end of the conflict and awarded with a EK II klasse. Is it right?


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    I don´t know. That´s just a guess. It´s possible.

    When we have the reverse I could check the official recordings of the war.

    The regiment fought:

    1.9. Sedan, 5.9. Montmedy; 29.9. Li´Isle Adam; 9.10. Gisors; 14.10. Ecouis; 19./20.10. Etrepagny; 22.10. Vernon; 25.10. Longchamps; 6.11. Le Thiel; 7.11. Forêt la Folie; 19.-29.9. and 26.11.-28.1. Paris

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    Gentlemen , The officer portrayed wears the type of feldachselstucke .introduced into the Prussian Army for the campaign of 1866 . later these shoulderboards were used with the service dress . The Landwehr cavalry weared blue and not light blue tunics and interims rocke .with the interimsrock litzen were not used . the pic is from between 1866 and 1889 , judging by the type of SBs but the EK II situates the date more precisely between 1870 and 1889. A 1813 EKII is exclude by way of the age of the officer and his rank

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