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    Need help to ID British medal to Belgian volunteers...

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    And understand what you mean by greatly exaggerated

    I didn't know that medal and never saw one before, until the one I am showing here.

    I do like the theme, but in no way I would have ever payed 3 or 400 for one.

    Here is the story. I got it from a colleague on WRF who knew my interest for Belgian and - post Belgian Congo...

    It comes with a grouping who belonged to a guy who fled (at the age of 17!) to the UK along with the military who shipped from Duinkerk to the UK in may 1940.

    He joined the first Belgian armoured car division (trained in Beccles UK) and participated in Normandy operation, liberated the village of Dozule (France) and personally liberated the Queen of Holland who kissed and hugged him ...

    After the war he went to Belgian Congo and got his Kansimba commando badge from "Mad Jack Schramme " him self, for "services" ... something I hope to come on back later on.

    The widow of the soldier agreed the lot would come back to the homeland and that makes me the keeper of " that treasure" for my time here on earth...




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