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    My West German and 57 awards collection... Part 4:

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    Looks like a nice early one Dan :love:

    Does it have a maker mark ?

    Many thanks! Had no idea as far as early or late on most of these but definitely nice to know. :D

    On a maker mark... I just took another look at it, both the ring and the medal itself. I can't see any, however I did notice (amazing what you see even after owning a piece for so many years! :rolleyes: ) that around the outer edge it has what look like very fine lines... almost like light file marks going all around in one direction. Almost looks like reeding on coins but much lighter and all at the same angle. Not sure if this is any indication or not.

    Will keep my fingers crossed as one never knows where such clues may lead. :P

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    Wish i could get an early russian front for $7 now !!!

    Hey, me too! I keep hoping someone will come up with that time machine dealie and then I'm headin' back and grabbin' all I can from several periods now that I know what to grab.

    It's like with TR stuff... with three uncles in WWII on my side and two on Kim's side and the only one that I know of that brought stuff back was my Uncle Jack. He was in the Airborne, was a Tech Sgt. and was involved in the Bulge. I have the SA and Army daggers he brought back along with a dress bayo which sadly looks like it saw heavy action and use. Not the engraved type... had a mint one of those and let it go. :speechless: He also brought back the optics from an 88mm field gun which I have as well as some from a German tank. Sadly those and his photo album which was from his training till he got out went who knows where when he passed away a few years ago. He said he was leaving them to me in his will but my aunt dropped out of site and no idea what happened to them. :banger: More family history lost for all time. :angry:

    But no high orders or medals... no Hitler's toothbrush... just same old, same old. But special because he was there and brought them back himself. Wouldn't sell for all the money in the world or all the tea in China.

    Tell's ya what... if I happen upon a bunch of those $7 RF's I'll be sure to pass some along to ya... how's that sound? :cheers:

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