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    Please help identify Order/Medal

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    Paul, as usual, is correct!  This is a so-called al Rafidain Medal of the Iraqi kingdom, a 2 class [silver & bronze] award sometimes associated with the al-Rafadhain [Two Rivers] Order.  Recipients included foreign servants who served Iraqi royals during state visits and similar level individuals.  Owain describes it more completely either here or in an JOMSA article.  

    An excellent example, Sorin!

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    Thank you Paul and 922F,

    Thank you for your answers, you got me out of the fog :)

    Now, I've searched it and I got only 2 references that got me back to the site. To me, this means that the medal is quite rare ...

    but is it sought after ?

    I bought it with a group of romanian/greek medals and it doesn't fit to my collection.

    Kind regards,


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    Do you know whether this was part of an actual group awarded to one person or just a piece collected along with others in a job lot?   I've seen 4 or 5 groups that included this, three belonging to household staff type support personnel and maybe one to a mid-level British NCO.  

    As for me, if part of an actual group, I'd not split it apart.  If a loose item and you don't want to keep it that's another matter.

    Value is difficult to assess.  I suppose that I've seen fewer than 10-12 silver ones as singles since the mid-1970's and do not know how many of those were the same piece re-sold again.   Prices for it as a single ranged from about 8 pounds sterling [1970's] to 70 pounds [2000's].   Certainly there are a small number of avid collectors definitely interested in them.  Probably the best way to determine a price is to auction it if you do not keep it. 



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    It was for sure a piece collected along with others, because the lot had many pieces that didn't belong together, and too far apart in time to be awarded to the same person. Also, there were no papers with the medals so that I can link one or two.

    Usually, for me, when a medal doesn't have a lot of documentation it means it's not desirable. 

    But, looking again and again at the medal I think I found a place for it :) At least for the moment.

    Again, thank you for the great advice.

    Kind regards,


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