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    Belgian made sword by A Ronge curved sword but what is it?

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    Hello all,


    would anyone know what sword this is please?

    Got it wit a German sword out of the woodwork and when I bought it, thought it was German too. It had to go quickly  ;-)

    Until I opened it at home...signed A Ronge Liége.






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    The 'stirrup hilt' and curved blade are classic light cavalry. It looks a lot like a British Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry sabre to me, and I know the British did buy some of their blades in Europe at some points in theri history, as there was a real scandal in the 1870s over 'German made'  bayonets which turned out to be substandard when used by British squaddies on hostile 'Fuzzywuzzies'.  So, possibly Belgian made for the British Army?

    'J. B. Ronge FILS Liege' was apparently an arms maker, established in 1789 who made revolvers and shotguns so A Ronge may have been the predecessor company.

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    Hey Peter,

    thanks for your reply. It is indeed a sword that has the look of many others of his time. But there is always a small detail that doesn't match with the ones I can find on the net.

    Thanks for the date the company started, I have been searching for it, but couldn't find it! 


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