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    I recently got this ribbon bar. Not the prettiest but I like the combination.

    IMO:  EK2, SH3, SV3bx, SA3bx, ÖM3K

    I don't have seen that many saxon bars with austrian decorations but no ID possible anyway, I guess? :wacky:


    Best regards,





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    Yeah, even if we had all the Saxon ÖM3K recipients, there is probably not enough to narrow it down enough for a positive ID.  Alive in 1938 and some sort of civil servant. No KVK2X or other World War II awards, so maybe not a reserve officer, although I don't know what the criteria were for the Sudetenland Medal for civilians or civil servants.

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your reply. That's a pity. I guess the number of the recipients, who were alive in 1938, and had the combination of my ribbon bar, is pretty small, though.

    Unfortunately, I do not know the criteria for the Sudetenland Medal for civilians. 

    All the Best,



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    • 2 years later...

    I think I found a very likely candidate for this bar:

    Leutnant d.R. Max Pötzsch, who received his St.Henry on 30.10.1916.

    Furthermore I found a SA-Sturmführer Max Pötzsch in Reichenberg i.V., Sachsen and a Prokurist Max Pötzsch in Plauen, which is very close to Reichenberg i.V.. Possibly our guy.

    Photos are from an auction in 2016.




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    A small supplement, the reason for his SH3:

    In den erbitterten Kämpfen der 87. Inf.-Div. in der Sommeschlacht zwischen Vermandovillers und Chaulnes war der Franzose am 6.9.1916 nach starker Artillerievorbereitung in einige Gräben des Schütz.-Rgt. 108 eingedrungen. Sofort sammelte Lt. Poetzsch einige beherzte Leute um sich und drang mit Handgranaten gegen den Feind vor. Eine Schulterwehr nach der anderen wurde gesäubert und nach kurzem, aber heftigem Kampfe streckte der Feind die Waffen. Die Beute betrug 130 unverwundete Gefangene, 3 Maschinengewehre, viele Gewehre und Ausrüstungsstücke.

    In the bitter fighting of the 87th Inf.-Div. In the summer battle between Vermandovillers and Chaulnes, on September 6th, 1916, after strong artillery preparations, the French infiltrated some trenches of the Schütz.-Rgt. 108. Immediately Lt. Poetzsch collected a few courageous people around him and advanced with hand grenades against the enemy. One shoulder parapet after the other was cleaned, and after a short but fierce battle the enemy surrendered their weapons. The loot was 130 unwounded prisoners, 3 machine guns, many rifles and pieces of equipment.

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