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    Imperial Russian medal, 4th class


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    Hi all,

    I obtained thus medal from emedals auction in the beginning of the month and I would like to be sure that it is original. Does any expert, who has handled these more then I, can confirm it please.

    Thanking you in advance,




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    Thank you so much! I got thumbs up from another forum as well.

    Also just received this....

    ГМ 4 ст. №975948
    3-й пограничный Рижский полк, ряд. Костровский Кузьма
    Список увечным нижним воинским чинам, снабженным от Мариинского Приюта для ампутированных и увечных воинов протезами, коим 9 января 1917 г. вручены с Высочайшего соизволения пожалованные им Георгиевские медали 4 степени Почетным Попечителем Мариинского Приюта Генерал-Алъютантом Бароном Мейендорфом.
    Когда и где ранен - 18 августа 1915 г. под Вильной.
    Род увечья - укорочение правой ноги.
    РГВИА ф.970 / Списки ВПК / Список №233

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    Thanks Eric. Yes, looks like the medals to boarder guard regiments are not so comkon. Also poor guy looks like lost his leg and medal for that..... a small price in this sence.

    I didn' realised that they used this kind of double ring suspension system?


    Now, whole collection that is up on emedals has same ring systems so I recon it's done by collection owner.

    I have few imperial Russian "kolodas" left so I used this one instead. Should I put the rings back?

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    "I  have few imperial Russian "kolodas" left so I used this one instead. Should I put the rings back?"

    Without any clearer images I'd leave things as-is.  Having said that I put my few on Soviet suspensions with replacement ribbons as they all came without either.

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