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    Croix de l'ordre de Saint-Louis


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    I found an order of Croix of Saint Louis, but I have a some questions about it.  Is there any specialist in the room? :) 

    My doubts are:

    - for the inscription (BELL. VIRTUTIS  PRAEM) is prior to the restoration,  but I can not see from what period. Louis XV? Louis XVI?

    - I don't think it's a fake, but I miss the space within the word VIRT UTIS,  as well as the length of the sword.

    On the obverse, the king seems to be very small.

    I have seen several medals of Croix of Saint Louis and they are all different,  but I would like to know your opinions with this little.




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    Your cross has the appearance of the time of Louis XVI ( suspension and no ball with the points)
    On the other hand the centers remind me of the more modern crosses of the Restoration (1815-1830).

    Either it is the work of a french local or foreign goldsmith.
    Either it is an old repaired cross during the Restoration.

    All the abbreviations of the legends exist and  length of the sword,  size of Saint Louis was not a problem.

    For me it is a beautiful cross authentic but probably made after the French Revolution in the years 1815.
    It seems to me discern on the observe at the base of the suspension a golden hallmark "cock's head" (1809-1817)


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    Hi Anna_M


    The Order is OK and very nice I agree that it is the Louis XVI period

    It was a common practice to use Orders from one period with parts from the next one Sometimes old Crosses were adapted to the new period The existence  of different crosses is due to different makers Some crosses are marked for Gold some are not

    Here are three Orders from LouisXVI , LouisXVIII and the July Monarchy period (Cross adapted by removing the Loius XVIII Model lilies between the arms







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