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    Very unique 5 medal bar - Opinions Please

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    I recently acquired this 5 medal bar and have noticed a few unique aspects to it and am looking for information and opinions.

    First the and most obvious thing is the obviously done at home by his Frau attachment of the Honor Cross to the far right side of this medal bar. I know money was tight in the 1920's/1930's in Germany but this is embarrassing. Has anyone ever seen this done before? If so I would love to see some photos of it!

    Secondly, I noticed that the Hungarian War Service medal has NO SWORDS on it. I have never noticed a medal like this before. Obviously for a Non-Combatant, is this a rare medal? In all my years of collecting I have never seen another one.

    He popped for an updated ribbon bar but decided not to redo his medal bar?????

    Thank you for any opinions of these irregularities,

    DR. $250. A.JPG

    DR. $250. B.JPG

    DR. $250. C.JPG

    DR. $250. E.JPG

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    Yes, an interesting non-combatant group!  Most likely someone active in the German medical profession originally earned these awards.  Both the Hungarian [swordless design planchet & different ribbon for non-combat recipients] & the Bulgarian WW I [same design planchet for combatant, non-combat and next-of-kin but different ribbons for each variety] Commemoratives sport non-combatant ribbons and the Hindy lacks swords.   Hungarian & Bulgarian value 4-6 times that of a combatant’s as singles.  A DRK (German Red Cross) Service Medal recently auctioned for about $350.   

    DRK medal bar position differs from ribbon bar position.

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    Thank you for this most useful information. I was not aware of the different ribbon for the Non-Com Hungarian medal but since it is so rarely seen this makes this bar even more interesting! Great news about the value of the DRK medal's value! I am not surprised the ribbon bar is out of order with everything going on with this grouping!

    Great Non-Com bar Ralph, thanks for posting this link!

    Thanks again!


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    Maybe he felt the DRK was the prettiest one. That would explain why it was mounted in the first position and why the HK was clumsily added to the end instead of the beginning. It would also explain why his ribbon bar is in correct (I assume?) order - nothing pretty to show...

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