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    Fallschirmj?ger and Wehrmacht in SA Uniforms

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    Actually, do you not think it merits its own thread? Why not start a new thread, with a link to this one, in order to get it in front of as many members as possible?


    Prosper, I started its own thread a year ago, but there were no responses

    Regards, Hardy

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    Sorry man! I just realised that I was in a different thread! Interesting that they're in K?nitz. It may not be relevant but the depot unit for the SS-Jagdverb?nde and the SS-Fallschirmj?ger-Btl was located, nominally at any rate, in K?nitz.

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    Gerhard Huber was my father - he was wounded in Dec 43 near Shitomir (he was in the Stabskompanie Fallschirm-Pionier Bataillon 2). After Recuperation and Genesungsurlaub (leave) he reported to the Fallschirmj?ger-Genesungs-Bataillon in Aschersleben from there they sent my father to Konitz as an Ausbilder (Instructor). He and other Paratroopers were joined by WH NCOs to train volunteers for Sprungeinsatz and Nahkampf. Everybody (incl. the volunteers) wore SA uniforms during this. His duty there lasted from March to April 44. After Konitz he was send to the 1./Fsch.Pz.Jg.Abt.1 in Italy. There is no entry of his time at Konitz in his Soldbuch.

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    This is on the back of the above picture: Die Ausbilder des 1.Sturmes)


    Here are some more pics from K?nitz (with FHH gorget)




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