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    Found in a village

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    Yesterday, I went to visit an old Saxon lady who said that she has some old military objects, in a nearby village. One member of her family was an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, then, after the war, became priest in that village, so he had to "hide" the old object from his army time.  Because I like history, I wanted to go and check them out. Initially, from the stories told by a friend, she had some old pieces if uniform. But, when I got there, I was somehow wright, but not entirely. This is what I discovered:

















    I have two questions:

    - from what kind of artillery piece may come that shell (don't worry, it has been deactivated)? After a quick measure, it is 55 mm diametre

    - what sword model is this one? I don't know if the writing is clear enaugh

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    A great document - if I only could read Romanian! :P

    I just looked up at the photos again; the one with the shell alongside the lady's arm clearly shows this was not a 75mm shell.  So, your 55mm measurement is likely correct.

    And as your document shows, most Romanian artillery of the period came from the German Krupp works in the 75mm bore diameter.  I see mention of a 57mm field piece model 1880, but I didn't see a factory name associated.  The French works Schneider-Creusot produced a 57mm quick fire gun for fortress employment and I believe this also saw an anti-aircraft employment.  France did export pieces as well; so, it's possible the shell is related to these French guns.  Unfortunately, the base of the shell does not provide me any particular clues. 

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    hi Morar

    thanks for posting the pics on the other thread...


    interesting selection you've found

    I posted a link on the Austro Hungarian forum a little while back that leads to a list of weapon markings

    I cant read the ones on your sword from the picture but maybe you can find out a bit more about if you find a match for yours on there...

    perhaps too, it is of note that the helm has a cruciform base to the spike....


    best wishes





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    Hello Morar and Farkas , The sabre is a Austro Hungarian one It was carried mainly by Infantry Officers , senir NCOs ,and ensigns.whats strange is the white paint. the Helm is a good piece , apart from being without the lacquer coat ,is in well form . Its for officer , Cavalry , Dragoon , of the Wurttembergian Army ,WW1.

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    Regarding the shell , Romania used the 57 mm Gruson fortress QF gun . It a gun inside a steel domus, armored and movible. most of these guns were concentrated in the Bucharest area Forts . Romania used another 57 mm gun a Krupp mountain gun 

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