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    Raymond Henry Frank 166th Regiment Mexican Border Service Medal

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    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post on this forum in quite a while. I hope someone can help me with some information.

    I am looking into the service of Raymond Henry Frank who served in the M.G. Company of the 166th (Ohio) Regiment in France I World War One.

    He also served in Germany immediately after the war on Occupation duty.

    From the information I have he served in the 4th Ohio Regiment from November 1915. It seems that he continued to serve both in this unit and in the 166th  when it was formed from the 4th Infantry. My question is: Would anyone happen to know if Raymond Frank qualified for the Mexican Border Service Medal?

    Any information on this would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    David Vivian



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    He's not on the roll for a federal Mexican Border Service Medal.  These medals came out a the US was gearing up to send much of the National Guard to France, so many veterans never heard about them.

    Ohio had it's own Mexican Border Service Medal, so he may have acquired one of those. They were unnamed and unnumbered.

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    Thanks  Paul and Jeff for your replies.

    I've found out since that Raymond Frank had served in the M.G. Company of the 4th Ohio Regiment at El Paso Texas in January 1917. So he was certainly in the area to qualify for the Mexican Border Service Medal. Apparently a number of veterans either never heard of this medal, as you said Jeff, or never bothered to apply for it. 



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    Well, the good news is that I believe as family you can still apply for the medal! In addition I had a neighbor receive his Grandfathers’ Ohio border service medal about 10 years ago after he applied. They had a bunch of them in the state museum warehouse. 

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