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Luftwaffe Para Badge.

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I recently bought this badge quite cheap at a fair mainly as a gap filler. Looking at it more closely it looks pretty period. The mark is Brehmer Berlin. 3 but I can't find an example of that maker on the internet to compare. I like to know where the differences are between fake and real. I'd be grateful for any comments from the experts.


Thank you.





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The reason you can't find any reference for this maker and Para badges is that Gustav Brehmer, although a wartime producer of badges, did not supply Para badges to the Luftwaffe.

This is a very poor attempt at faking a para badge, even down to the maker mark stating that they were based in Berlin when, in fact, they were based in Markneukirchen - Saxony.

Brehmer was a premier manufacturer of badges, and to give you some idea how good they were.... 




below are some original badges, by various makers, which will hopefully show why the fallschirmjäger wore them so proudly.






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Thank you John that was the simple answer to that. It shall therefore remain known as "the gap filler" and remind me to keep an eye open for a good one. I only paid £10 which should have told me something anyway.

Grateful for your knowledge as usual.

Best Regards




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