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    Help WW I medallions - Possibly Russian?

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    Hi, I was approached by a friend who owns the following "medallions" and asked to assist him with identifying them. I have not idea to be honest as it is well and truly out of my field of knowledge. I hope that someone on the Forum can assist me in deciphering the following medallions and indicate whether they are, as suspected, commemorative or award pieces please? This writing on the reverse seems to be Cyrillic script. Attached please find copies of the obverse and reverse of the first medallion dated 1915 - 1917. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

    FullSize A obverse.jpg

    FullSize A reverse.jpg

    Attached is the second "medallion" in questions, with both the obverse and reverse pictured. They are both unnamed. In taking a second look, at the risk of stating the obvious, these may also be greek potentially? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and once again thank you in advance. 

    FullSize B obverse.jpg

    FullSize B reverse.jpg

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    Those are actually Bulgarian. The first one is a medal of 9th Division. My translation of the back: (I hope a native Bulgarian will confirm my translation) "Remember the soldier who crossed Serbia, reached Ohrid and fought at Doiran."

    The second one is also the medal of the 9th Division and on the back are inscriptions of various Serbian cities which were captured by Bulgarians in 1915.

    If I'm not mistaken those aren't official state decorations but rather that of Bulgarian 9th division. 

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