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    British Honours and Orders

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    Hello. I am not sure what sort of a response I am likely to receive here, I hope not to harsh a one. I collect replica British Honours, Orders and medals I collect replica’s as originals are totally out of my price range. I guess my military background bought out my love of this hobby and I would like to add some more replica’s to my collection like The Order of the Garter, The Order of the Bath, etc I won’t go on as there are to many to list. However, I am having great difficulty finding anywhere in the UK that sell them apart from a few ebay sellers who’s choice is limited. I have found sites in Russia and the USA unfortunately I think with customs duty etc I fear the cost will sky high. I would appreciate it if any one this site can help me.


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    Welcome to the GMIC, Brigade.  I trust that, in keeping with our styling ourselves 'gentlemen;, no one will treat you harshly!

    I can easily understand the attraction of the orders and the real life limits imposed on our hobbies/obsessions, as I was in an earlier life a collector of campaign medals, most of which are no well out of my budget range.  That said, I'm afraid I don't personally have any helpsful tips on sources, but I'm sure some of our UK members will be able to help.

    Again, welcome.  Please feel free to share examples from your collection and other queries.  :)


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