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    Help identify uniform and or unit associated with this photo

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    Hello all,

    Thank you for letting me post for assistance in finding more information about the man in this picture.  This man is my second great grandfather only known here in the United States as Charles Bohm/Bohn born 15 Dec 1855/1858 died in Pennsylvania, USA in 1930.  The back of the picture shows the photo was taken in Ludwigslust.  He has a daughter out of wedlock in April 1881 then married the woman in Sept 1881.  Another daughter was born Dec 1882.  I know his wife Marie genb. Lankow Bohm immigrated 9 Jan 1884 into Castle Garden NY with the two daughters the record stating they resided in Dronniwitz Pommern. No ship record has been found for Charles.  We have other photos of the couple being taking from a Photographer located in the Demmin/Loitz area as well others photos just from Demmin. and I do believe this is the area they were married.  If we take the earliest year of 1855 as his birth then 1875 he would have been conscripted.  Is there any way to tell by the photo where his unit may have been from?  I do not have the original in my possession at this time but hope to soon to be able to better enhance it.  The more I look at other photo/pictures of collars and sleeves and piping, it just makes my head spin!  The earliest record here in the United States I can find for him is a directory listing of 1884. 

    Charles Bohm
    Residence Year
    Street Address
    147 Bowman
    Residence Place
    Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA
    Publication Title
    Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1884
    Household Members
    NameCharles Bohm

    Thank you for any assistance! 


    Wilhem Puls.jpg

    sleeve enlarg.jpg

    shoe enlarg.jpg

    Charles Bohm.jpg

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    Our family "story", that he had deserted and fled to the United States.   He was naturalized citizen in Pennsylvania in 1892.  The evidence I have found is that he was here continuously from 1884 at least., and another daughter was born in PA in Oct of 1885  I sincerely appreciate all of your assistance!  This picture is located in the families bible.  We think this picture of the entire family was taken around 1900 as the youngest child was born in 1895.  The picture of my second great grandparents with the dog in the photo we think it was taken at their marriage in 1881 and the back of the photo, then with the two oldest when my grandmother after arrival in 1884/1885 and the last before or around 1928 as that is when my 2nd ggrandmother died.  Again thank you for pointing me in the direction I need to go to find more information about him!  

    Kindest regards, Mary


    back of marriage photo Bohm lankow.jpg

    Charles Bohm and Maria Lankow Bohm before 1928.jpg

    Bohm family entire.jpg

    Charles Bohm and Marie Lankow.jpg

    2nd back of photo marriage Bohm lankow.jpg

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    Hello Mary!

    I don´t understand one thing... He should have lived in PA since 1884, right?

    But then he could not have worn that uniform, because the "FF" came out in 1887. Or did he leave the US to serve in the german army for three years?

    Here is the uniform from that regiment.


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    You have hit the nail right on the head!  That is the what is throwing me off also.  So unless this is NOT my 2ggfather and maybe a brother of his wife who remained in Germany and was still alive in 1928 as far as we know from her obituary.  But I do not have a positive name only a Fitz Lankow who was a witness on the record of marriage in the bible

    Bohm Lankow wedding record from bible.jpg

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