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    some from the other side - captured britains & scots 1917 Riencourt

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    A few years ago i got a large photo konvolut of a IR 124 (Wuertt.) war fighter and Sarge.

    Today i tried to organize some pics of the konvolut.

    Only one of the cards / photos was written -  i think it was a scottish soldier and in 1914 to

    his relatives. (see pic)

    Now my question:

    Is it possible to ID the captured troops? (Regiment) I think they were captured in 1917 at Riencourt (France).

    In this time my Sarge was decorated with his golden bravery medal.

    Thank you for your help.


    zähringer 7.tif

    zähringer 8.tif

    zähringer 9.tif




    zähringer 13.tif



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    Photo number 12 shows weapons captured from the Australian 4th Brigade, 4th Division in their disastrous attack on Bullecourt and Riencourt on 11th April 1917. They were also expected to capture Riencourt and thus brought their Vickers guns into the attack on the captured German front lines instead of having them in a safer location. The Australians were cut off, surrounded and largely captured. The 124th of the 27th German Infantry Division were instrumental in the German victory. 

    I am particulalry interested in this battle and am searching for any photos or documents as to what became of the Australian dead. 

    The troops in the other photos I do not think are Australian. 

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