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    Guest Darrell

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    Guest Rick Research

    Capture of Budapest. I've scanned this with a Liberation of Prague (see "Liberation Medals" thread) since both belonged to the same recipient.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Wups! Forgot the award booklet! :blush:

    Again, this was to 389th Self-propelled Artillery Regiment Guards Lt Col Valentin Dmitrievich Yakimov-- for other details, see the "Liberation" thread. When officers who held the Gold Star Medal signed off, they always added "Hero of the Soviet Union" with their autograph, as is the case on this booklet too. Issued same day as his Prague.

    I am still missing a goodly number of the WW2 campaign medals, since I like to get them in groups and not as singles. WITH the individual's award paperwork is the best.

    Here is also Guards Major (note 32nd Independent Engineering Brigade in November 1945 has added "K?nigsberg, Red Banner" to its unit designation) Aleksandr Ivanovich Kremnev's (see Orders of the Patriotic War thread) Capture of K?nigsberg document:

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    Guest Rick Research

    And here is one for Berlin-- looking in the "Liberation Medals" thread will turn up his Warsaw, made out on the same day,

    to Guards Major of Intendance Branch (i.e., paymaster/supply corps) Dmitry Aleksandrovich Muller (an ethnic German), filled out on 21 January 1946 by Lt Col Siich, Chief Paymaster of Baku Military District.

    Stamps on the WW2 award booklets almost always show a REAL unit (oddly enough, state Security units often do well into the 1950s), rather than the universal German "Feldpost number" style which came in later. It is thus possible to have clues about what unit a WW2 military recipient served in, most of the time.

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