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Tunic Identification

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I’m in need of help to identify an SD tunic I picked up in a vintage clothes shop. Is it genuine or is it a mock-up gone wrong.

It is a very nice SD tunic in great condition although a very small size but it has a full set of leather RAF Kings Crown buttons including double  button cuffs. They are fitted using rings through pre-made holes. There are no collar badges but again there are pre-made holes to accept some. No rank stars but holes where some have been. You can also see where a set of wings has been sewn on above the left breast pocket. I have searched the internet for something similar but haven’t found anything. 

There is what appears to be a name and service number hand written on the inside of the sleeve plus another set of numbers on the other sleeve. Again I haven’t managed to find anything. I would value your opinion on the matter. Hope the pics come out ok. TIA. 0E9B6423-2F3F-4203-A2E1-F4D34D07AA8C.thumb.jpeg.72eff14dd320dadb225a3c55d96943b6.jpeg










Sorry about the upside down pictures, I couldn’t work out how to edit and turn them. Also in the text, for some reason, it says ‘leather Kings Crown buttons ‘ but they are not and are the usual brass. Many thanks.

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I think this is the Officers uniform of the South African Air Force, WW2 vintage. See aafww2pilots2.yolasite.com/saaf-ww2-uniforms-and-insignia.php

That seems to match for Eagle & Crown buttons and lapel badges, the double button cuffs, and the Army-type rank pips on the epaulette.


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I saw this offered on ebay and looked into it wondering if it was possible the officer served in Korea.  I contacted Audrey at Rhino Research and she came back with this:

Charles William McKowen, No 328254

20 documents which include Service Cards, Attestation Document, Regimental Conduct Sheet, Application for Medals, medical documents and discharge documents.

He was discharged in June 1946, and there is no record of him having served in Korea, in this file.

Sadly it appears to have been stripped of insignia:


Hope that helps!


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