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    Prussian Red Eagle classes - transitions

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    I have a question for you experts in German Imperial awards.

    I'm researching a guy (German civilian) who was awarded the Prussian Red Eagle order 3. class with bow followed by 2. class with oakleaves.

    Not an expert on German Imperial orders, but I seem to have read on this forum that there were specific 'rules' when transitioning through classes (like the "if you were awarded class x with device Y, the next one up would be class A with device B" sort of thing)...?

    His 2 awards were at least 7 years apart (if the rules apply to awards for seniority).

    Would the move from 3. class with bow to 2. class with oakleaves be such a 'standard' transition?


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    The bow indicates, (1) that the Person wearing the 3rd class was awarded the 4th class of the Red Eagle Order before and (2) that he is a Prussian subject.

    The Oakleaves indicate (1) that the Person wearing this order was awarded all lower classes of the Red Eagle Order before and (2) that he is a Prussian subject.

    Regards, Komtur.

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    His name is Hucke.

    I don't know his first name... it is never mentioned in any of the official records where I found him (including Handbuch für das Deutsche Reich 1874 to 1890).

    He ended up as   "Wirchlicher Geheimer Ober-Regierungs-Rath" and worked in the Reich-Postamt (before then the Post- und Telegraphen Verwaltung).

    He probably died around 1900.

    If you can find him, that would be awesome.

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    Hucke got the 4th class in 1868. Unfortunately these early editions of the Ordens-Listen did not mention the exact date of the awards.

    Regards, Komtur.



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