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    Question about Orden der württ. Krone (order of the wuertt. crown)

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    I have never seen such a piece hanging on a bar

    Ritterkreuz mit Schwertern auch als besondere Auszeichnungen mit goldenen Löwen, seit 1864 auch mit Krone

    (knight`s cross w. swords & golden lion)

    I know that for example Major Karl Hieronymus Kdr. of FAR 51

    earned his "lions" on 14.6.1917

    Wiki says: 80 recipients - what are the sources about it - Nimmergut?


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    Neal O'Conner's book gives a total swords and lions awarded of 72 between 1870 and 1907.  This was based on Eric Ludvigsen's research (Eric was unable to find records between 1907 and 1914).  He also shows a total of 53 for 1914-18 based on Kleitmann.  There were also 29 with swords, crown and lions awarded between 1870 and 1889.  This class was abolished in 1892.

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